future satellite

Future Satellite

Future Satellite is a personal satellite radio system made out of salvaged materials and old technology. 2017. more >>

weather center

Weather Center for the Apocalypse

Weather forecasting with an eye on our greatest cultural fears. 2015-2017. more >>

weather center

Weather Center for the Apocalypse: Forecast Portal

Weather forecasting with an eye on our greatest cultural fears. 2015-2017. more >>

training module

New American Sweatshop: Training Module

A game that simulates the workflow and economics of a fictional electronics cooperative in a dystopian future. 2015. more >>


Transient Civic Broadcast System

A method of alerting your local community of crises, due to internal or external events. 2014. more >>

new american sweatshop

New American Sweatshop

The New American Sweatshop is an immersive experience where participants re-purpose electronic waste to create communication devices for the future. LUMEN full commission. 2013-2014. more >>


Sound Booth

Amplified privacy. The participant is visually obscured but provided with a microphone, which creates a democratic and intimate space for performance and public speaking. 2012. more >>



Re-wired is a wearable device that translates ambient sound into haptic feedback using bone conduction technology. It is a DIY medical device that augments sound for partially deaf patients. Called "simple, inventive, empowering" by Make. 2012. more >>

community phone booth

Community Phone Booth

A free phone for a local, offline community. The public phone booth allows anyone to interact on the Signal Strength network. To be used for political protest and disaster relief. Supported by SIGGRAPH. 2012. more >>

signal strength

Signal Strength

A project to advance mobile democracy. It consists of modems for ad-hoc social networking that let people in an urban area interact offline, leveraging their mobile phones for untraceable communications. Supported by Eyebeam. 2010-2011. more >>

gender anarchy project

Gender Anarchy Project

A custom restroom door featuring an interactive sign with responsive iconography to give the participant the experience of a gender-neutral space. Neural said it "casts a light on the fragility of the gender concept." 2004-2005. more >>

alouette 1

Alouette 1

A sound project. 2017. more >>