amelia marzec

All That Is Seen And Unseen


Shrines. Wood, fabric, hacked walkie talkies.


Projection on St. Cornelius Chapel. Processing.

paper cutouts

Paper cutouts for Solstice. Paint, wood, paper.

paper cutouts

Paper cutouts for software. Paper, vector graphics.


Performance / software. Processing, electronics and objects. Photo: Harriett Bailey.


Performance / software. Processing. Photo: Harriett Bailey.


In progress- pająk (folk art) with military radio antenna.

flower crown

Anachronistic Slavic wedding crown.

new orleans

Projection on St. Mary's Church in New Orleans. Processing.


Work in progress.

The project examines the fraught relationship of queerness and religion within the Central/Eastern European diaspora. It includes a series of sculptures based on roadside shrines, such that one would find in liminal spaces where people need to feel protected, like at the edge of a marsh. Ironically, these are often situated in rural areas of Poland that are present-day LGBT-free zones. The sculptures contain an electronic communication system which broadcasts stories collected from the community. I also include software for projection mapping, where imagery based on traditional Slavic papercutting techniques is generated and projected onto churches. The images depict women's bodies, weapons, and pre-Christian symbols.


Short video clips:
Performance rehearsal
Projection test
Talking shrine test