sound booth

sound booth Sound Booth.

Performance at Abasement, an experimental series at Max Fish.

Explanation and footage from Eyebeam's Music Factory.


When I was making my first recordings, I went to great lengths to soundproof my room where I was recording, not only so that I wouldn't pick up sound, but also so that my roommates wouldn't be able to hear it. I'd take the mattress off of my bed and put it up against the door, then crawl into the mattress-less bed with all my equipment and record with a quilt over my head.

The Sound Booth takes that experience and brings it to the stage. It's been constructed so that the performer inside can hear what's going on around them, and a microphone inside the booth feeds into an amplifier which is some distance away, obscuring the source of the sound. The performer is also visually obscured and therefore freed from being the center of attention, except for the over-amplification of the sound coming from inside the booth, which picks up the quietest and most internal sounds.