Weather Center for the Apocalypse

weathercenter Weather tower.

weathercenter Weather instruments.

weathercenter Weather center (underground video room).

weathercenter Meteorologist jacket.

weathercenter Severe risk broadcast (Video still).

weathercenter Satellite launch (Video still).

weathercenter Forecast portal.

weathercenter Weather data.

weathercenter Weather Center for the Apocalypse: Flint, Michigan.


Weather Center for the Apocalypse is alert to an uncertain future. It predicts changes in our environment and culture that could affect the autonomy of citizens in the event of disaster. It creates an alternative to the media-driven forecasts we are bombarded with, by asking the community to participate with their own fears and superstitions. It strengthens our ties for the times when we will need to rely on each other.

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See the communication system, Future Satellite

Sponsors: CUNY, Flint Public Art Project, University of Vermont, Flux Factory, Rutgers University, Materials for the Arts
Reporters: Hethre Contant, Vincent Dean Boyce
Crew: Henry Visotski, Charles Contant, Terry Contant, Alessio Tacca


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