amelia marzec

The Laboratory For What's Possible

In progress.

performance Performance-presentation, virtual tour.

badge Badge.

pup tent Pup tent.

... Instruments.

Guided tour Guided tour in real life.


The Laboratory For What’s Possible is a project that tells the story of a fictional telecommunications research center.


It is built from salvage and operating in any way possible, in an attempt to reclaim and connect layers of history in an unstable future. It imagines a new structure for a laboratory in an extreme political / environmental climate with a lack of access to materials and funding, created from our excess ("laboratory equipment" made from cast-off items, etc). The project incorporates performance, social practice, and prototyping to tell its story. It asks what is necessary to communicate, to innovate, and to stay connected; and if it is possible to create an organization not based on power and fear.

Sponsors: CUNY, Ox-Bow, The Center for Integrated Media at CalArts, HATCH at UC Davis, Social Practice Queens, Brooklyn International Performance Art Foundation (BIPAF), Champlain College, The Ear

Exhibitions and Performances: