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A migratory workspace, for the production of democratic telecommunication systems.

The office was located in the Flock House at Pearl Street Triangle in DUMBO, Brooklyn, formerly an industrial neighborhood. What was in production: building Community Phone Booths for public launch at the SIGGRAPH 2012 conference, creating support materials for the Re-wired helmet talk at HOPE Number 9, and producing Flock House TV, a series of discussions and performances with artists and engineers collaborating with the project, streamed live on The Huffington Post.

Open Office Hours
Monday, July 9: Set up
Tuesday, July 10: 5-9pm
Wednesday, July 11: 5-9pm
Thursday, July 12: 4-9pm
Friday, July 13: Flock House TV recording from 3-4pm- office hours 4-9pm.
Saturday, July 14: Flock House TV recording from 1pm-9pm. Anyone is welcome to come by and watch!

flock house tv

Here's some photos of the process. We were working out of the Flock House in Battery Park, then assisted with the migration and set up shop in our dedicated pod in DUMBO.

battery pack

Checking out the energy system with Esteban Gaspar Silva.

flock house adapter

Here's the adapter, my life's blood.

flock house soldering bench

I made the table into the Flock House Soldering Bench.


Gazing into the computer.


It was hot and my project didn't work.


Maybe it's time to think about livestreaming instead.

antenna test

I made this big antenna test the next day working neurotically and guiltily in the air conditioning on Independence Day. We are a step closer to independence: the tiny solar panels provided 3.3v just fine but not 5v. I need a bigger solar panel- the one wrapped around the Flock House roof looks good.

coleman park

Helping with the migration from Battery Park to Coleman Playground- a swarm of children!

phone booths on governor's island

The Flock Houses were migrating so I tested some of my new hardware in the phone booths on Governor's Island as part of the Wiki World's Fair.

fhtv production team

We got all the equipment for the livestream together as well. Here's the Flock House TV Production Team checking out our stream.

flock house dumbo

The Flock House finally arrives in Dumbo. It's build your own office time.

flock house dumbo

The Flock House looking good, in the sun beneath the Manhattan bridge.

rainwater capture

The garden needed water; the playground provided a couple gallons.


A dedicated space for the Telefoundry.


The two phone booths and work bench.

girly clubhouse

I was accused of making it a "girly clubhouse." Maybe it was the rug.


Here's the real reason my office hours end at 9pm.

phone system

Communication system is in place.

phone system

An idea for instructions.

flock house tv production

Our equipment for the energy system, internet backup, adapters, monitors, all to run Flock House TV...

flock house tv production

Cameras, computers, audio cables all over the place.

flock house tv production

We're advertising Jon.

flock house tv production

Here's Jon Cohrs after his Flock House TV interview!

flock house tv production

Production team and interviewees in between takes, checking out the XO laptop :)

flock house tv production

Here's Scott Beibin, setting up a camera so we remember us among the tangle of equipment!

flock house tv production

Down time in the Flock House, me observing how everyone loves telecommunications.

Thanks to:
The Flock House Project