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The Missed Connections

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Particulate Matter, 2016.

The Missed Connections, Hurricane, 2015.

Trash noise, 2013.

2007-2011, 2015-2016, 2020

The Missed Connections is the musical project of Amelia Marzec.

Growing up, we had a lot of musical instruments around the house. At one point there were two pianos and two organs. Later on, my father declared that the accordion was his soul instrument, which resulted in there being a hundred accordions in the house at any given moment. I studied piano and later took a sound synthesis class; but the recordings began in earnest when I started losing hearing in my left ear due to a tumor. Melodies would pop into my head, and I suddenly wanted to capture them. In the few months before a surgery that would silence that ear forever, I tried to learn as much as possible about stereo sound, but ended up listening to an album by the Postal Service over and over, "Give Up." The recordings continued in mono. They were the first time I ever used my voice as an instrument. Otherwise I used mostly acoustic instruments and physical objects to create all the sounds, with very minimal processing. I loved the physicality of vibrational resonance, maybe because my auditory perception was flat. The recordings initially brought out my early classical and folk influences. This project inspired my Sound Booth project, which takes the experience of an intimate recording environment to a live performance. It is largely improvised, but sometimes uses a score. After beginning to work mostly with discarded technology through my New American Sweatshop project, I began using broken amps and microphones in the improvisations. This created noise and feedback, the unpredictability of which was akin to performing with other musicians. A collaboration, Particulate Matter occurred, a sound installation incorporating more of the old technology I had been working with in my art practice. I returned to recording under the name Alouette 1 for further experimentation. Overall, I am very interested in failures of communication.

Collaborators: Tim Alexander, mastering on To Be Free Again; Andy Samford, mastering on The Rumi Book; Michaelangelo, percussion and mastering on Little Disasters; Claudeland Louis, cover art for Little Disasters. The Missed Connections have also contributed to / collaborated with New Languages, Girl Named Sam, Extrusion Dies, Andy Averbuch, Matthew Gantt, and The Aeronautical Legends. Particulate Matter was Amelia Marzec and Robert Mayson.

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