amelia marzec

Events Organized


Salvage workshop at Eyebeam Digital Day Camp.

Radical Networks

A festival and conference featuring speakers, panels, art and workshops designed to introduce the community to DIY networking.

Women in Art and Technology

Technology is the medium we use to communicate today, but we still experience a gender gap and a generation gap in terms of women's participation in technology as a creative medium.


At the NBC Design Summit.

Activist Networking Techniques

A historical look at peer-to-peer networks and a demonstration of the Signal Strength Project, a mobile, ad-hoc, offline activist network. With SIGGRAPH Studio at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Future of Labs

Presentations and discussion on the growing presence of R&D labs at newspapers and cultural institutions, and how they are affecting the direction of journalism and media. At Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.

Get Found

A practical overview of optimizing artist websites for search engines, combining code, writing, and properly crediting the work. Instruction was provided for barter. With Trade School at Grand Opening.

Activist Technology Demo Day

Exhibition of activist prototypes and discussion on their role in contemporary resistance and the media. With The Public School and the Urban Research Group at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.

The Technology of Dissent

In this workshop, we focused on technological innovations by activists and how they have allowed us to imagine new forms of energy, communication, and media. With The Public School at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.

Iron Man

A three-month course in Lego Robotics for middle school students, introducing basic engineering concepts and creative uses of technology. With Citizen Schools at the Urban Assembly Academy of Arts & Letters.

Chopstick Antenna

Chopstick Antennas are simple kits for building an RFID reader detector. Participants could use them to scan their environment to discover where their data is being collected. With the Conflux Festival at the NYU Barney Building.